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RYLA Junior Youth
Camp Commercial

This commercial was an absolute blast to shoot as we share an incredible history with the Rotary Club. The goal was to highlight this leadership camp for those that have never attended and would like to give it a shot, but are not sure of what the camp offers. We highlight various interviews of campers and leaders describing their experiences from both prospectives. This commercial is sure to increase the number of registrations to the camp as the event organizers now have a tool they can use to showcase the camp using various platforms such as social media or even an in person presentation at a high school.

Dillon's Small Batch Distillers 
Hot Toddy Cocktail Kit

The Dillon's project was one of our most loaded product commercial yet. When producing commercials, product photography and video requires only a fraction of the time spent on the project whereas editing and planning takes up the bulk. Most of the shots have some level of VFX applied to achieve the coolest results such as flying product. The final project is always worth the countless hours and effort poured into the commercial. 

Women's Trucking Federation
of Canada PSA Commercial

This is a quick PSA video we produced to raise awareness around human trafficking notably around the Niagara Region. The goal was to relay important information in a short amount of time so the content is easily shareable and digestible across various platforms from a website to social media. The project was turned around within a couple weeks and has since been launched at a convention held by the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada. Video is the most efficient method of spreading a message.


Village Studio
Brand Message Video

Village Studio has been around for a couple generations and is a staple of the Grimsby community. It was our task to showcase what exactly our friend Bryan offers and of course what his clientele think of him. This is both a brand message video paired with a few testimonials which together create an easily digestible yet highly informative video. Bryan is able to display this on his social media and website to easily let new leads and prospects know what he’s all about in just 1 Minute vs reading a paragraph off an “About Me” page.

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