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Dillon's Small Batch Distillers 
Hot Toddy Cocktail Kit

The Dillon's project was one of our most loaded product commercial yet. When producing commercials, product photography and video requires only a fraction of the time spent on the project whereas editing and planning takes up the bulk. Most of the shots have some level of VFX applied to achieve the coolest results such as flying product. The final project is always worth the countless hours and effort poured into the commercial. 

Pioneer Week
History Matters To Us.

We created a video montage culminating over seven pieces of video series for Pioneer Day in Niagara. Our main objective was to showcase, educate and inform through video content. It was an absolute joy to travel around Niagara to visit each unique vendor and highlight what Pioneer day meant to them while telling their stories. This video has a special place in our hearts and was a great way to celebrate the town of Niagara. 

Every Bowl Full
Live Events

Whenever we shoot live events, our objective is to showcase the visitors journey through that specific event, this adds a narrative to the content so viewers are experiencing the event as if they were actually there. We love to incorporate interview content as it provides a personable touch to the video and in this case we added a series of photos at the end of the video as a quick highlight reel.

Linda Farrow
Dunaway Sunglasses 50th Anniversary

This video was an extremely rewarding project. How do we showcase a pair of sunglasses in a unique and interesting way? These glasses had extra accessories included such as a chain and a scarf to attach the glasses with, in this case there are a few options on how they can be worn. We then decided to showcase an unboxing experience that will showcase the glasses in it’s different forms. We believe the end result looks clean and engaging!

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